About ACWSupply.com

Both the local greenhouse and nursery industries and American Clay Works & Supply Company, have long and rich histories in Colorado. This company was founded in 1893, by the Montague family as a clay pot manufacturing facility. In those days, clay pots were the only economical container used to grow plants. The greenhouse industry was very active in the Denver area over 100 years ago; producing foliage, flowering plants, trees and shrubs for the local market. People started these ventures because Colorado historically has had a long growing season, relatively mild climate and nearly 300 days of sunshine a year. American Clay was servicing these greenhouses and nurseries then, and is still doing the same today. Remarkably, some of these greenhouses and nurseries are still in business today. During the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s, Colorado produced world class carnation crops with such quality it was coined The Carnation Capital of the World.

Unfortunately this declined with imports from other world regions. Many of the carnation businesses of these times, along with those that have constantly produced other plant materials, have been passed down through families and employees over the years. This longevity has given Colorado growers the reputation of being some of the best in the nation. Some of the current issues our local industry faces include importation of plants from other States and Countries, slower recent economic growth, and a lack of consumer knowledge in their plant purchases. In order for Colorado growers to compete in such a market, American Clay Works has decided to begin a new marketing and branding campaign to draw attention to the Colorado grower and their local product offerings. Education of the end consumer about the origin and quality of the plant they purchase is necessary to promote plant sales in our Colorado market.

“Colorado GrowsTM” is our program, designed to bring recognition to our local industry, the Colorado economy, and the quality of plants and research in this State. The “Colorado GrowsTM” container depicts our state flag, flowers, herbs and vegetables grown in Colorado. Development of other marketing materials including signage, and point of sale printed information is available to the growers that intend to participate in the program. American Clay Works has also donated a percentage of our sales of these containers to the Colorado Floriculture Foundation and the Colorado Nursery Research and Education Foundation for the past 4 years. These proceeds have been used for further research, and to provide scholarship opportunities with the horticultural industry in Colorado. The future of horticulture in Colorado lies in research and being able to educate the next generation of growers. We hope that you would be interested in this campaign and with your support we can increase local awareness of Colorado growers and the plants they produce.

Colorado GrowsTM is a joint venture between American Clay Works & Supply Company, Meyers Lawn and Garden and The John Henry Label Company. American Clay Works is proud to bring this program to our great State. Please visit www.coloradogrows.org for any updated information on this program including pot sizes available, information about CNREF, CFF and our participating wholesalers and retailers. American Clay Works & Supply Company 1-800-873-2297 2 857 Bryant St., Denver, CO 80204 - www.americanclayworks.com