Welcome to ACWSupply – we hope you like our site. Here you will find our latest and greatest gardening supplies. This site is currently focused on three of our best selling products – the Kimitec nutrient line, Hydrokorrels and Riococo. Over time we will be adding a whole bunch more products so check back frequently. Additionally we will be offering limited time, tremendously discounted specials as we come across them so you will want to keep an eye out.

Kimitec - Amino Acid Based Fertilizers

Kimitec is a line of amino acid based fertilizer. Kimitec has a higher concentration of available amino acids than any of the competitors. Try Kimitec and you never go back to your old nutrients.

Hydrokorrels - A Hydroton Alternative

Looking for a hydroton alternative that is less expensive and does not require extensive pre-washing prior to use? You have found it! Think of the time you will save - you need Hydrokorrels!

Riococo - Looking for the Best Coco Coir?

Look no further as Riococo is the answer. This Riococo was intelligently designed and uses a layered approach of chunk and shredded coco to actually support the plants and the root system. With different formulations for specific plant types, we've go the right grow media for what your growing.